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Dr Humble

Why Did Dr Humble Create His Own Clinical Skincare Brand?

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Who is Dr. Humble?

Dr Stephen Humble is a renowned Specialist Consultant and Senior Lecturer who worked for more than two decades in the UK and Australia. After achieving all his goals in large specialist hospitals, he wanted to create his own independent clinics in Harley Street, London, where he could be more creative, be his own boss and spend more time with his family.

Is Dr. Humble a real Dr?

Dr Humble’s background and training provided him with the skills and knowledge to set up his new clinics from scratch and develop his own niche advanced treatments. As a PhD scientist, he was initially sceptical about the claims made by cosmeceutical skincare brands. After researching and testing the claims, he realised that many (but not all) of the high-end products are based on firm scientific research, but he was unhappy with the formulation of many of the products, which were often either too weak or too harsh for his patients.

Does Dr. Humble contain highly active ingredients?

Dr Humble’s experience in combining botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid and highly active skincare components that incorporate hydrators, antioxidants, retinoids, enzyme technology and UV light protection led him to believe that high-quality skincare is an essential addition to his clinical treatments. He was convinced that the best results are seen by combining several highly active ingredients, which require less creams and serums to be applied as part of the daily regime. Therefore, Dr Humble decided to create his own brand of highly effective multifunction clinical skincare.

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