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Dr Humble Clinical Skincare Triple Regen Cream



An all-in-one multifunctional regenerating night cream with rapidly absorbing light but super absorbent and rich moisturising cream, perfect for all skin types. Collagen is promoted & antioxidant defence enhanced with Vitamin C+E, with Retinol, Bakuchiol & Lanablue combining to create powerful skin rejuvenation.


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Features Of Dr Humble Clinical Skincare Triple Regen Cream

  • Suitable for All Skin Types
  • Multifunctional regenerating night cream
  • Rapidly absorbing light moisturising cream
  • Collagen promotion and antioxidant defence with Vitamin C+E
  • Powerful skin rejuvenation with Retinol, Bakuchiol & Lanablue
  • Refreshing spa indulgence

Advantages Of Dr Humble Clinical Skincare Triple Regen Cream

  • Concentrated formula
  • Created and promoted by a Harley Street Doctor
  • High end clinical grade ingredients
  • Luxurious feel and sensation
  • Ingredients are scientifically proven
  • Multiple powerful ingredients rather than multiple products with fewer ingredients.
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Benefits Of Dr Humble Clinical Skincare Triple Regen Cream

  • Very quick and minimalistic routine for those who do not want a long routine before they go to bed. Apply after cleansing and before you slumber!
  • Skin feels light but well-moisturised
  • The essential oils are pleasant but not overpowering so you get the right amount of luxury
  • Lavender essential oil helps with winding down at the end of the day
  • You will feel well hydrated and content that you are gaining the powerful benefits of retinol such as glowing skin whilst avoiding the traditional side effects, due to the presence or bakuchiol and Lanablue as well as antioxidants

Key Ingredients

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Algae with retinoid properties but without the irritation of retinol

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Psoralea corylifolia seed with retinoid properties but without the irritation of retinol

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No.1 cosmeceutical ingredient in the world (encapsulated 0.1%)

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Vitamins C+E

Powerful antioxidants to prevent premature aging

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Salicylic acid

Exfoliates dead cells

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Essential oils

Including lavender for restful sleep

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Aloe barbadensis

Soothing botanical with at least 8 natural enzymes to remove dead skin cells from the surface leaving it much smoother and brighter

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